A open quantum stack to harness the full power of NISQ devices


High level expression

Real-time control

Quantum libraries

Optimal platform for deployment of simulation tools

Rapid development

Advanced emulators delivering insights beyond the circuit model


Exposes only the essential complexity for your distributed control system

Platform features

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Powerful and unified interface DeltaFlow builds full stack quantum software – for end users, software providers, and hardware developers. This portable language will build a open platform where software and hardware can advance together.

Upcoming demos We will demonstrate the ability of DeltaFlow to optimise the transfer of data in hybrid quantum algorithms - offering a immediate improvement in quantum utilisation. Additionally, we will demonstrate the applicability of DeltaFlow to feed-forward use cases including error correction.

Portable and extensible Today, we model the quantum computer of the future - reconfigurable logic building gate sequences on demand. But the Delta architecture is extensible to accommodate the quantum computer of today, where preconfigured systems deliver the bandwidth needed for growing qubit counts.

About Riverlane

Riverlane is a research-led start-up that builds ground-breaking algorithms and software to unleash the predictive power of quantum computing.

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